Firmware for "Zigbee CC2652P Coordinator v4 USB Dongle Stick Home Assistant!"

I bought my zigbee controller on Ebay 1,5 years ago from a guy (“eBay - dakaskus”) based in Kiev, the Ukraine.
Hardly surprising, given the current situation in the Ukraine, he is no longer selling the device on Ebay.

I noted that with 1.32.0 new firmware is supported. Which of course triggers me to want to update the firmware.

Before I brick my zigbee controller, it would be nice to know which firmware to use.
All I know is that when I bought it is was called;

“Zigbee CC2652P Coordinator v4 USB Dongle Stick Home Assistant!”

Anyone else that has the same Zigbee controller and has dared/managed to upgrade the firmware?

Got the same dongle. Have you been successful in updating? What are the benefits of the new firmware?

Haven’t dared update it…no clue what If any benefits it might have…

I started having some issues with my Zigbee network and was curious if updating coordinator could help. In the same boat with a dongle bought from dakaskus.

Not sure which firmware would be compatible with it.

Sorry, still haven’t dared do anything, best of luck!

I bought the same one and was wondering the same thing. I’m pretty sure it’s the “SMLIGHT CC2652P Zigbee USB Adapter SLZB-02” which can be found (along with links to firmware) on the Supported Adapters Page. I’m going to try flashing using this guide and will report back whether or not it worked.

That method didn’t work, but the flashing instructions from Smartlight themselves did.

I wouldn’t be surprised if doing step 4 (pressing the flash button, inserting the USB, then releasing the flash button) from the Smartlight instructions and then using the flasher Add-On from the video guide in my previous comment would work. It just seemed like the Add-On just couldn’t communicate with the stick but maybe it’s because it wasn’t in a flash-ready mode. Idk, all I know is the official flashing instructions worked fine.