Firmware upgrade SONOFF Gateway Zigbee-3.0 USB-Dongle Plus

According to this page is the latest firmware for the sonoff.

I have two questions regarding this update and Home Assistant.

  1. Is this the “best” firmware I can use? (I read there are other modified firmwares as well.)

  2. Can I update this from Home Assistant or what do you recommend using on macOS (preferred) or Windows (possible)?

IMO, if you’re comfortable with Linux cli, the easiest thing is to do it from the HA container using the cc2538-bsl script.

I posted how I do it here: Sonoffs Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus Firmware - #5 by jerrm

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I wonder if this will work under macOS cli. The code looks familiar.

cc2538-bsl should if all the python dependencies are installed.

If wget us installed my little script probably is mostly OK. Port names would likely need tweaking.