Firmware version unavailable

Hello, since my last update I don’t see anymore the Firmware version. It is the same on Apollo Air-1 / Apollo Msr-1 and also on my ESP32 S3 Box 3

Do I miss something ? what I can do to see again the FW version ?

Thanks for your help

It is under Diagnostic

it is normal if the ESPHome add-on is not running


Thanks but the addon is running, the reason why I don’t understand :frowning:

On my setup it’s under Configuration

Just started the add-on


So maybe try to restart the add-on.

Good idee, I have try but it changed nothing :frowning:

The esphome Addon has nothing to do with the esphome integration.
The addon is only used when compiling/flashing the esphome (and that doesn’t even have to run on HA, i used to compile it with python from cli on my w10 machine).
When unit has been flashed, addon isn’t required anymore and can be stopped :wink:

But do you have a text sensor for version info?

# Example configuration entry
  - platform: version
    name: "ESPHome Version"

Without that, no version info :thinking:

Thank you, you give me interesting infos about the fact that I don’t have to let always running ESPHome :slight_smile: so, I’ve stop it from now and can confirm that all is running good

Where do I have to add this “text sensor” ?

It is strange because before the la ESPhome update I was able to see the alert if the Firmware was the last or not without to add anything.

BTW, I can see, like before, some infos on the top left of the page. Maybe they removed the entities Firmware ?

It should be in your yaml of esphome.

Maybe post it here (redacted if you want)?

Click on the firmware entity, it should show like

The problem is that I don’t have any entities “Firmware”

When I click on Firmware, I have this texte in the window:

This entity is no longer provided by the esphome integration. If the entity is no longer used, delete it from the settings.

Finally I found where was the problem. To activate the Firmware , you have to activate in the settings of ESP home plugin the “Home Assistant Dashboard Integration”

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