First ESPHome Project - How do I find pinouts for boards?

Good morning all,
I’ve decided to build some sensors for my home after viewing some of the YouTube videos regarding mmwave sensors. I’ve ordered some LD1125H 24GHz sensors from Aliexpress, so I’m on hold waiting for them to arrive from China. I’ve also ordered two types of ESP32 boards from Amazon:

As well as some BH1750 Light Sensors.

The first ESP board is the one that the digiblur uses in his writeup/Youtube video, so the pinout is as easy as copy and paste. The second one I ordered, is a smaller unit, which might be better suited for 3D printing a case for both sensors I want to use and put in various rooms throughout my house. He adds a temp/humidity sensor to his, which may be good for bathrooms, but it’s not much use to me. A light sensor makes for sense for my sensor, so I know if it’s worth even turning the lights on, regardless of a human presence in the room.

What I’m having problems understanding is the pinout on the ESP32 mini. I understand that the light sensor needs a I2C bus, as well as the ground and power pins, according to reference sheet on How do I go from that to mapping the pins on the ESP Mini?

If the board doesn’t include screen printed labelling for the pins (beyond something generic), the board manufacturer should provide those somewhere. One of the reasons I mostly only buy from places like Adafruit is because they provide very detailed information on their boards, including the pinouts. They also screen print the boards with pin names in some cases (like for the I2C bus). Ideally the manufacturer of the boards you bought will provide something like this:

Ideally :slight_smile:

I’ve been searching for documentation like you show, but I haven’t been able to find it. If I can’t find anything, it might have to go back. I was hoping someone on here might have experience with it.

Also be careful which GPIOs you use. See the table lower down on this page:

There’s one for the ESP8266 as well:


The random nerd tutorials are good. Both those devices you pointed to on amazon have the pins shown on the silk screen.

Thanks for the references. I set up the larger ESP32 board with the light sensor last night, and it’s working fine, just plugging the wires in. Now I just need to wait for the mmwave sensor to arrive, and 3D print a case. I’ll have to spend some time with the Nerd tutorials tomorrow.