First Gen Kindle Fire

I’ve searched and can’t seem to find a way to root a first generation fire. I don’t really have a PC readily available, but if that’s the only way, I can figure that part out.

Would love to repurpose this old thing using Fully Kiosk for HA.

This is a Home Assistant forum, you should post this question in another forum that talks about Kindles.

I’m looking to use it as a dashboard for home assistant, so seems applicable. If you don’t have anything of value to add feel free to move on.

There are a lot of smart, generous people in this forum and I was hoping to leverage one of those kind souls experience.

Yes it’s applicable to this forum after you rooted your Kindle. The whole rooting process has nothing to do with Home Assistant.

I’d count myself as one of this “generous” people (take a look at my statistics on this forum) but your question is not related to Home Assistant.

I’m sure there are countless guides on how to root a first gen Kindle on xda-developers for example.

Xda developer site is good resource for this

Thank you.

I actually dig around on XDA and everything pertaining to First Gen is VERY old (understandably), so I was hoping maybe someone here had gone through the same exercise. I’m happy to not root it if I can get some type of HA dashboard on it.

You’ll have to look around for what still works but I give you hints of what you need below

  1. Install browser that allow “kiosk” mode. Likely will require root and that device so old it probly isn’t hard. Gotta try old stuff. The link below may work since it look recent.

  2. Block WAN. DO NOT let this tablet connect to anything but HA else you may regret it. Your rooting an old tablet and installing random app. Your asking for it!! But can avoid problems if you just block it from LAN scanning and WEB/WAN connecting.

  3. Use HA local IP in web browser kiosk mode. Create UI inovelace and your set.