First install attempt results in “[WARN] Home Assistant CLI not starting! Jump into emergency console”

This is my first ever installation attempt of HA.
I installing on an old laptop.
I followed the step-by-step procedure and all ran fine up till the first boot attempt, which results in “[WARN] Home Assistant CLI not starting! Jump into emergency console”.
The only point where I could not follow the step-by-step is at the end before first boot where it says I need to plug in an ethernet cable for HA to have internet… which I cannot do since this PC does not have a physical port. (I don’s have an USB-to-Ethernet plug)
I was hoping to get into some Wifi setup dialog instead, but unfortunately it does not.

Readings so far could not help me, but many are talking about connectivity issues when they strand with this error… so I guess that is my problem.

Any help for me to mitigate this? Can I setup the Wifi somehow from CLI and restart HA? (basic DHCP client)
(I’m totally beginner level, so please be considerate)


I would get this first to get HA booted. Plus, it’s not a good idea to run HA over WiFi - you want wired ethernet performance (stability & throughput) when using HA to control your devices.

Ordered one meanwhile… just eager to get started.
While I agree wired is highly recommended, this should not be a blocker.

Configure WiFi connection - #20 by vctr

Great thx!
Will try that

ha network info or update are not recognized at this stage.
returns: /bin/ash: network: not found

Meanwhile Ethernet adapter arrived, works like a charm now.