First post and grouping issue

Good Morning everyone. Started using home assistant this week after using openhab for 5 years. I had a complete server meltdown and even with backups, I wasn’t able to get my server going again. I’ve always wanted to give home Assistant ago so here I am. First impressions are amazing as the gui layout is great and the amount of integrations that auto configure and find devices is unbelievable.

So here is my first issue. I’m trying to create a presence group so I can see if person x y z…… are at home or not, to control heating and lights. On the home assistant helper gui there’s no option for a presence group. So I followed this guide to create one in the file editor.

I came to realise that my file editor didn’t contain a groups.yaml file, so I created one. Then realised that the groups.yaml file had to be included in the configuration file so I did that. But the group still isn’t appearing in the gui after a restart.

Can only one offer some advice or point in the right direction please?

After adding that did you reload or restart HA?

Also, if those are your only two person entities, then you can simplify this by using the state of the home zone, which is the number of persons in it. So you’ve got:

Somebody home

- platform: numeric_state
  entity_id: zone.home
  above: 0

Everybody away

- platform: numeric_state
  entity_id: zone.home
  below: 1

I should appear in HA, check under developer tools, states and type in ‘group.presence_home’ it should be there. It will not appear in the Ui under groups however as I believe only Ui created groups show here.

I fully restarted HA. Those are the first two persons. I will have 4 total and then another 2 when my children get a little older.

As rossk said, all your entities can be found in Developer Tools → States.

They’ll also show in the Entities page, but States gives you the real state, and attributes, of an entity rather than the human friendly translation.

Got it thank you :pray:t3: