First project (two-room apartment) ideas

I bought a 2 rooms flat (bedroom, livingroom/kitchen, bathroom) in Italy and I never used HA (heck, even a raspberry pi!), and this is my first project - so please, be gentle with this newbie.

It will be used for personal use during a period of the year, and AirBnb during the rest of time, so my main goals are to monitor energy consumption for the most consuming ones, and then to set some cool automations.

I’m planning to have a switchboar for the followings appliances: fridge, induction cooktop, AC, oven, dish washer, washing machine, heating and lights.

Then, I would like to monitor as well energy (and have the chance to automate) for TV, robot vacuum and microwave.

What’s the best setup for this?

I know it’s a broad question, but my first thoughts are:

  • Monitor energy consumption from switchboard for those appliance that are connected to it. My idea is to use a Shelly 4PM or similar, but that would mean to have 2 of them, which sounds kinda expensive (like 200 euros). Is there any cheaper solution for this? Consider that many aren’t connected directly to plugs (e.g., AC, induction cooktop, …).
  • For all the others that are connected to plugs (i.e., TV, microwave, vacuum cleaner), I was thinking to use Tasmota plugs.
  • Only AC, Heating, TV and vacuum cleaner are going to be “natively smart” (i.e., all others are “dummies”).
  • All light switches will be Shelly-like (mainly to automate them).

What do you think? I would like to have the most fine-grained solution for all of these, both in terms of energy consumption and in terms of automation.

It would be helpful to post what country.

One Shelly EM for consumption (total and AC).
On/off switching with cheap sonoff4ch and smart plugs

Install say a shelly 3EM or similar where the power meter is for total power monitoring, then either install power points with power monitoring in each room or install smart relay’s based on what sockets you like the look of.

This will give you power monitoring and control of all the sockets at a per room level in the home then you can setup either smart power boards or use smart plugs on a per device level to create automation’s for them when they are not able to be integrated directly into your HA instance.

I currently use a smartplug setup just to keep it simple with my place and am waiting for a aqara t2 relay to arrive to have it installed for me to monitor and control the power socket in the common area laundry that I don’t use in the event the lock on it gets broken.

Don’t think about the overall cost too much with the intial setup, as this is for long term management and will pay off for what you need and you don’t need to do it all in one lot.

You’re right! Italy

I have a question on this: what’s the point of the shelly 3EM vs shelly 4 pro pm? The latter offers more channels and it’s cheaper (see links below)! Am I missing something?

4 pro pm: Prezzo Shelly 4 PRO PM | Shelly Italia
3EM: Prezzo Shelly 3EM | Shelly Italia

3EM is not a relay, it’s just measuring energy. But it means it can measure high loads, even for the whole house (3 measurements for the 3 phases). It says up to 120A each probe. Since all of that energy does not go through the device, I imagine it should be very reliable on the long term. And it’s probably more accurate in the measurements, but that’s just my guess. Also if it breaks, it only breaks measurement, but all devices that work in the measured circuits can still run.

4 pro EM is a relay switch. It means it can turn the circuits on or off. But the whole energy goes through the unit. It’s rated for 16A per channel. And if this device breaks, the devices connected to it won’t work anymore.

Personally if I was doing this in the scenario you mention, I would either go all for it, don’t save money by going the cheapest route, because you could lose much more (money and time) in the long run - or don’t do it at all. Apartments without any smart devices are being rented everywhere everyday.

The 3EM reads the power coming from the meterbox and going out of the home if you have solar generation as well, the relays sit at the socket level to provide per socket data.

Going the 3EM route to monitor at the meterbox as well means you can make sure what is being charged by the provider matches up with your actual total usage even if you have a smart meter and you have access to the data via their app/integration if there is an option for it.

The 3EM sensors clamp onto the phase cables to read the data and are rated higher for this purpose, the relays are rated lower and are more general purpose like smart plugs.

If max 16A is ok for you it’s valid option. I recommended shelly EM (for total and AC), It’s costing around half of 3EM and it has two channels. Advantage of clamp sensors is that you can measure up to 80A and since it’s not “hardwired” you don’t have disaster if Shelly device is getting broken at Christmas eve. Beyond those two main channels monitored by EM, you can always put cheap Shelly 1PM to monitor and switch some line of your interest.

ps. I live in Italy as well and we don’t have so “clean” and solid electricity from Enel, Voltage is anything between 170 and 250V and lot of interferences and spikes. I’m little bit cautious how well smart devices handle all that shit…