First Raspberry, first problem :)

Hello guys. I bought my first Raspberry Pi 3 B +. It arrived today and I immediately trayed to install HA. I followed the instructions from the site but it does not work and I need you to figure out if I have something wrong. First of all I have formatted a uSD Sandisk 64GB Class 10 UHS-I with SD Memory Card Formatter Ver. 5.0. I downloaded the image of 64bit (not 32bit. Correct?) And I flash on the SD with Etcher. At the end I got an error message from the Mac: “Unreadable disk, initialize or eject”. I thought it was regular and I ejected it (correct?). Then I inserted the SD into the RB and waited. So much (+ 20 minutes). And redone all over again. What I have wrong? The browser can not connect to http: // hassio.local: 8123. I noticed that once the red light on the RB is powered it stays on and the green light blinks irregularly every 5-10“. A single orange light flashes on the LAN connector. With IP Scan (and one other software) I do not see the RB IP. Any opinion / suggestion? Thanks

I assume you are using

  1. Use the 32 bit, the 64 bit image is still in development.

  2. Keep waiting

  3. Being able to use the hostname (http://hassio.local:8123) depends on name resolution working. For the sake of testing, use the IP address, eg - you can probably get the IP address from your router, or from the fing app in an android device.

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It takes longer than 20 minutes in my experience.
You should be able to connect with a web browser after a while and see a logo screen as per @nickrout’s post above.
I also used the 64 bit version and have not had any issues (might depend on components you use) but maybe I’m lucky. 32bit is recommended.

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Actually with 32bit version work!
Thank guys. I’m really curious to try HA!