First setup

HI Guys

While I am still waiting for my Raspberry Pi, I decided to start the Hass installation on a VM. The VM has Ubuntu.

I am using the Z-Wavvev Gen 5 usb Stick and Ecolink Door Window sensor. Please bear with my questions as I am just starting up.

  1. After the final set up I see multiple Ecolink items on the /states page. They all have the same type and id, but I believe the attribute is different.

How do I delete the multiple/duplicate instances and keep only 1 instance of the sensor.

  1. I would like to start with a basic notification like the front door status (similar to the demo mode). Is there any specific direction that you can guide me. I have a number of questions:
  • what type of event do I configure in the yaml file.
  • how do i configure the order of the subsequent events
    Here are my multiple attempts to accomplish this:

platform: state
entity_id: binary_sensor.ecolink_unknown_type0004_id0002_sensor_2_0
service: notify.notify
message: >
#{% if is_state(‘binary_sensor.ecolink_unknown_type0004_id0002_sensor_2_0’, ‘off’) %}
#Front Door opened!!
#{% endif %}
{{ states(‘binary_sensor.ecolink_unknown_type0004_id0002_sensor_2_0’) }}

Please guide me in the right direction.


As you can see from the getting started with automations tutorial your trigger needs a platform, the ID to watch and of course the event-trigger itself on which it shall react. This is fully missing in your approach.

Open and close your door to see wich sensor ID it is that changes its state and see how the state value changes (for example from 22 to 8 representing 22 closed and 8 open). Then create your automation based on this information.

So you will end up with somthing like:

  platform: state
  entity_id: binary_sensor.ecolink_unknown_type0004_id0002_sensor_2_0
  state: 8

No, that’s definitely not the case - they all have different IDs!

OK i think I misrepresented my question.

For 1) Is there a way in which I can control which items are displayed, and Can I customize the names of them?

for 2) I added stage: 22 (since this is the number that UI reported) and the webpage reported an error in the automation rule.

For 2, all I want to display is something very similar to the door lock status in the demo UI. Is automate the right way to display this?


  1. yes - look at grouping. Put the sensors into a group that gets them off of the row at the top. Then you can either show that group with all of the sensors in it on your main page, or create another group with selected sensors in it.

  2. you will need a template to translate the 22 and probably 23 into open/closed (I forget which is which)

you can then use that template to either change what is displayed in the sensor, or make it control another type of display like an input boolean or something.


Can any one let me know what I am doing wrong here. I am trying to get the the Door Sensor under the Home, and would like to update the device name under Front Door to e.g Front Door Status, and replace 23 or 22 with Open or Closed.


view: yes
- group.front_door_locked
name: Other Front Door
view: no
- sensor.ecolink_unknown_type0004_id0002_sourcenodeid_2_2
- sensor.ecolink_unknown_type0004_id0002_power_management_2_1
- sensor.ecolink_unknown_type0004_id0002_burglar_2_10
- sensor.ecolink_unknown_type0004_id0002_alarm_type_2_0
- sensor.ecolink_unknown_type0004_id0002_alarm_level_2_1
- binary_sensor.ecolink_unknown_type0004_id0002_sensor_2_0
name: Front Door
view: no
- sensor.ecolink_unknown_type0004_id0002_access_control_2_9


  • platform: template
    value_template: ‘{% if is_state(“sensor.ecolink_unknown_type0004_id0002_access_control_2_9”, “23”) %}closed{% else %}open {% endif %}’
    friendly_name: ‘Front Door Status’

Thanks your your help and advice.