First small steps. Smart plug added successfully, need help with smart switch info

I’m quite amazed with HA. Just set it up yesterday on my ODroid n2+. Stuck in a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB dongle, and HA recognized it. Pugged in a Sonoff S31 Lite plug, and Zigbee found that. And I click the new switch on the dashboard, and the power goes on and off. Wow. That was easy so far.

So I’m putting those 2 smart plugs beside my bed for wall sconces. I have a 3 way switch beside bed and at entrance to bedroom to turn on the overhead fixture which I’m not planning on using.

So is it as simple as taking out those 2 regular Leviton switches and replace it with 2 smart 3-way switches, and creating some sort of routine on the dashboard to turn them on and off? So the switch will speak to HA, tell HA what to do, and HA will talk to the plugs?

And can HA then take that pairing and also do things like timing, on and off?

I’m not sure I follow all of your post, but in essence, if you have 2 smart plugs that you want to turn on and off in sync, then simply put them into a toggle helper group and perform your actions against the group rather than the individual devices.

As for the overhead lights, I’m not sure what you’re planning, as you say you’re ‘not planning on using’ them, but then talk about replacing them for smart switches ?

If you want a way to control the smart plugs, either simply add something to a dashboard and do it via the app, or perhaps get either something like a motion sensor or a remote zigbee switch or button ?

Let me try again.

The light overhead I will never use. Therefore, the two regular light switches (3 way) are redundant and can be removed. Nothing further to consider with overhead light box.

So my question is, (and I don’t know yet what a toggle helper group is, but absolutely, I will do the group) can I simply buy a pair of smart 3-way switches like Enbrighten or Lutron Caseta, put those in the 2 boxes that previously had the 3 way light switches, and have them control the smart plugs. Put another way, my wife doesn’t want something different. Those switches exist now, beside the bed and entrance to bedroom. I want to install smart zigbee switches that look just like lightswitches but which will control the smart plug group.

Technically you could, but you’d not actually be wiring them to the lighting circuit that controls the overhead lights, as you want them to infact control the smart plugs. I think most people expect smart switches to be used in conjunction with the wiring, so this could be a little confusing, but you certainly can do it.
You don’t need 2 or 3 way switches in this case, because none of them are actually going to be wired to anything.

First, you’d have to safely cap off the wiring thats going into the dumb switches so its safe, then simply put the smart switch in its place, only wiring it for power, but not the switch circuit.

When you then press the physical smart switch, HA will still detect thats happened and you can do a couple of things, either run an automation which then toggles the smart plugs (or group) on or off, or create a template switch which effectively does the same thing, just in a different way.

The other way you could do it is leave the dumb switches in place and put a switch cover over them, with a smart wireless switch ‘on top’

This listing shows how people are putting ikea smart switches over the top of their dumb ones, but leaving them in place:

Thanks so much. Yea, it’s sort of weird. I’m wiring it just for power, and the box is just a nice tidy placed to keep it. What other methods could I have used? Would smart bulbs have been easier than smart plugs?

That’s pretty cool.

The key issue here is not the plugs or the bulbs, but the device you are going to use to control them.

I personally would go with the cover over option, or , leave the dumb switch entirely alone and have the remote switch next to the bed so I dont even have to get out of bed to turn on/off the lights.

But it’s a 3 way switch now, and that’s how my wife wants it. Don’t blame her. You come in and the room is dark.

So I’m new, and your experienced, so I’m not doubting you at all. Your way may be preferable, but is there anything wrong with me getting 2 3-way smart Zigbee switches? Should it work?

As mentioned above, you could indeed use smart switches in place of the dumb ones, but because you’re not actually going to use them wired to the electrical light circuit, they don’t have to be 3 way.

Any switch will send a signal to home assistant that its been toggled (on or off), so you just use an automation to turn on or off the smart plugs, regardless of which physical switch was used.

That’s a bonus. Thank you. Of course, that was dumb of me. I’m thinking old school.

So if you do go that route, just create an automation thats triggered by EITHER smart switch being pressed (so 2 triggers, one per device), and the action will simply be to toggle the current state of the smart plug (group).

You are the best. Thank you.