First step and problems with HA and Milight; semi working

I installed HA with minimal bumps, got the website up and configured a test milight bridge. It worked from the first time, had not expected that; then the problems started and after 4 hours I’m about to give up.

I have 4 milight bridges (3 normal and 1 led bridge), all v6. The lights are configured and I can control them from the app on my android. My router gives them fixed IPs.

1 of the 4 is working, 2 are not working and 1 I’m not sure as it is in my daughter room as her night light but is has turned off so I guess HA did that.

I’ve checked the configuration website on the 3 milight bridges and all parameters seem the same. I’ve run out of idea what might be the differences.

The connected lights are all the same, just a few groups. They are all dual white lights.

I have no clue what the problem is between 51 working and the others.

For my sanity I hope somebody see the stupid mistake :slight_smile:


  platform: limitlessled
    - host:
      - number: 1
        name: 51
        type: white
    - host:
      - number: 1
        name: 50
        type: white  
    - host:
      - number: 1
        name: 52
        type: white
    - host:
      - number: 1
        name: 53
        type: white

Which is the bridge-led that needs a different type, why the other 3 don’t work I have no clue, are there any logs?

The bridge-led would be the After adding the bridge led I can confirm that does work so basically I have 4 wifi bridges, 2 of them work, 2 of them do not. It must be something I’m doing wrong. The only other thing I can think of is that in the android app I have their zones names. But I’m pretty sure that those name do not get stored on the bridge but only on the phone itself.

In the console window when I click the buttons I do see logs being printed.

I’m so new; any chance you could point me towards the logs. I check the app data folder and the only log file in that is empty.

Just noticed that after some time the working light also stopped working. Restart of HA fixes this.

Normally the log file is under ./home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/home-assistant.log

at least it is for me running AIO install, it will probably differ for you if you used another install method and/or you are not on a RPI3. Check for things like tabs as yaml won’t like tabs they must be replaced with 2 spaces.

No tabs, configured notepad++ to replace tab with spaces just in case.

I’m running on a windows at the moment; would order a PI if I got this all working.

So that is indeed the log file I had found.

2017-09-27 00:17:27 WARNING (Recorder) [homeassistant.components.recorder] Ended unfinished session (id=30 from 2017-09-26 21:35:46.590465)

That’s just recorder error, it usually says that after you have restarted HA, was there any logs related to limitless leds? The only other thing that occurred to me was this bit of the set-up…

number (Required): Group number (1-4). Corresponds to the group number on the remote. These numbers may overlap only if the type is different. You seem to have all yours on group 1?

no error about limitless, after I had correct for YAML errors. First time I’ve used YAML today, at work all is XML and Csv.

As I have 4 hubs I presume this is the numbering from the zone list on the android app.

btw, thank for the help, just the knowledge somebody want to have a look at it has moved me forward. Just install wireshark and I see package leaving towards the different IP address. Trying to compare towards the spec.

Even had a look in the python code but could not really find a good starting spot.

The only thing I would suggest is changing the group numbers to 1,2,3,4 and see where that gets you. I’m afraid I don’t have any MiLight products so I’m shooting in the dark, so perhaps someone with some MiLights will chime in :slight_smile:

You might want to look here…

Not sure if it applies to you but you may learn something :slight_smile:

hope so; I’m going to need some sleep because in 8 hours I need to be at work. Thank you for the feedback.

First impression is that the communication itself is happening so must be something in either the config (but why is the app working) or the data being sent.

Me to have to be up at 5:45am :frowning: