First time creating a dashboard & which tablet is best


This is the fist time I created a dashboard with HA and also the first time working with it. I’m currently investing much time in making the cards look clean and simple. More cards will be added like; Video doorbell, person cards, window sensors etc. But I’m pretty far at this moment.

I have a solar system and managed to read the real-time watts per panel and on the background of each panel I have a little graph with a 6 hour window to see how the panels are behaving.

I want to put this dashboard on a tablet on the wall. For the tablet I was looking for the Samsung Tab A8, but I was wondering if someone uses this tablet or other tablet with minimal fullHD resolution that work good with HA and fully kiosk browser?

This is a close-up of how the solar panel card looks:

I’m very happy with my two Lenovo tablets, bit cheaper, than Samsung and less bloatware. Works fine with HA and Fully.

And, also I’m considering a DooGee tablet for my next project. Specs are looking good. I think, I will try one soon. Having two phones from DooGee and they are just fine.

Hi @homest ,

Would you mind sharing the weather card code? I really like it.


Hi @gonzzovela,

I did not much for the weather card, when you have HACS installed, you can install “Lovelace animated weather card” then you will have a weather card like this.

If you need any help, let me know!

Can you please provide me with your Lenovo tablets model number? Thank you in advance.

Lenovo TB2-X30F
Lenovo TB-7305F

Seen it. Thanks for your reply.

I just bought a Samsung A8 tablet and started designing my dashboard. The resolution looks fine, good enough for the purpose. I can imagine all those solar panel tiles might become a bit small though.
By the way, i really like how you made those sections/containers with tiles in it. How did you do that? That helps the dashboard be so much more organised!


how did you get the solar panels in per panel? I have solaredge myself, is this also possible?

Hoe heb je die zonnepanelen zo mooi gemaakt?
met de rand er omheen en dan de hokjes?


Love the energy card showing energy used and energy produced. Could you share how you made that card?
Thank you in advance!

Can anybody kindly help with what card are these, please?

Screenshot 2023-10-23 175824

In the end I went for a similar but different solution using a statistics graph:

2024-01-06 20_01_47-Overview – Home Assistant — Mozilla Firefox

Code for the card is as follows:

  - chart_type: line
    period: 5minute
    type: statistics-graph
      - sensor.electricity_meter_power_consumption
      - sensor.electricity_meter_power_production
      - sensor.solaredge_modbus_ac_power
      - mean
    unit: kW
    days_to_show: 1
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Nice work @homest !!
What theme are you using? I really like the background, where can I find this?

Heel mooi gemaakt, wil je ook delen? :smiley: