First time creating a dashboard & which tablet is best


This is the fist time I created a dashboard with HA and also the first time working with it. I’m currently investing much time in making the cards look clean and simple. More cards will be added like; Video doorbell, person cards, window sensors etc. But I’m pretty far at this moment.

I have a solar system and managed to read the real-time watts per panel and on the background of each panel I have a little graph with a 6 hour window to see how the panels are behaving.

I want to put this dashboard on a tablet on the wall. For the tablet I was looking for the Samsung Tab A8, but I was wondering if someone uses this tablet or other tablet with minimal fullHD resolution that work good with HA and fully kiosk browser?

This is a close-up of how the solar panel card looks:

I’m very happy with my two Lenovo tablets, bit cheaper, than Samsung and less bloatware. Works fine with HA and Fully.

And, also I’m considering a DooGee tablet for my next project. Specs are looking good. I think, I will try one soon. Having two phones from DooGee and they are just fine.

Hi @homest ,

Would you mind sharing the weather card code? I really like it.


Hi @gonzzovela,

I did not much for the weather card, when you have HACS installed, you can install “Lovelace animated weather card” then you will have a weather card like this.

If you need any help, let me know!

Can you please provide me with your Lenovo tablets model number? Thank you in advance.

Lenovo TB2-X30F
Lenovo TB-7305F

Seen it. Thanks for your reply.

I just bought a Samsung A8 tablet and started designing my dashboard. The resolution looks fine, good enough for the purpose. I can imagine all those solar panel tiles might become a bit small though.
By the way, i really like how you made those sections/containers with tiles in it. How did you do that? That helps the dashboard be so much more organised!