First Time Energy Dashobard User with a Tapo P110

Dear Fellow Home Assistant Users,

TL;DR: I don’t know who exactly to set up individual consumption meters in the Energy dashboard.

with the current changes in how my country’s provider is making me pay for the electricity I decided that I want to understand my consumption better so I have installed my very first energy measuring device in the house (we leave in a block of flats, so we don’t generate or store electricity and we are not using gas, it is electrons only that provide us with any power).
My plan is to measure the incoming current with a Shelly and a current clamp in the future and to have individual power measurements in the biggest consumers (washing machine, dishwasher, AC, fridge and maybe others based on how many percentage of the input will be covered by these assumed to be the biggest consumers.

I have a question that maybe if you have used the Energy panel in a similar fashion you could answer:

My per device meters, based on the local availability and the price range, are going to be TP-Link Tapo P110-s: Tapo P110 | Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket, Energy Monitoring | TP-Link
They are available over the HACS integration:

The first device is installed perfectly and it is added to the Home Assistant:

However it is not clear for me what I should add to the Energy Dashboard to understand what I have described in the beginning of the post:

These are my options.

Maybe I misunderstand the concept but I would assume that I should select the Current energy sensor, but that does not even appear in the dropdown.

Thanks for you input on this topic.
Also thanks if you believe that my initial thinking is not correct, please let me know what I should consider to better use the systems’ features.


Oh and BTW, I added all 3 options to see if they provide any reasonable output for me :slight_smile:

I use daily for all mine. HA will take care of tallying it up


I will check it today in the afternoon!

Thanks for your Post. I included a P115 via HACS Tapo Integration. On/Off is Fine.

But I do Not get the Energy Meter Sensors.
What should I do? And Where do you See the Information which is shown in your Screenshot?

I configered the Switch via yaml ( only host, User and password).

Thank you.

I have used the HACS plugin that you can find in this repository:

Check this one out

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Thanks for answering. I already installed it. For the P115 On/Off is good. But I can not find any other entities of this Plug for Energy monitoring. Where can I find these entities? Do I have to put them into configuration.yaml?

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Ohh sorry I missed that part that you used the HACS as well.

Maybe try to add the device using the configuration UI not manually (delete it before)

I have the P110 but it worked that way no problem.



Now, that is the solution!! Thanks a lot.