First time help

Hi every one
New user whit a new house
I have installed Home Assistant on a Lenovo thinkcentre m910q and before I go any further, what more hardware do I need?
I have a few Z-Wave switches and dimmers, and a few projects in my head

Zwave usb stick

Is it just plug and play or does it need any config on Virtual Box?

My current system is running on a Lenovo 92m with an SSD instead of the hard-drive that came with the system. I followed this installation:
FASTEST way to install Home Assistant (2020) - YouTube
Basically, you install VirtualBox and then install HA into it. I’m running a virtual machine with four cores and 3GB Ram and get about 25% Core Ram use and 0.2% Core CPU use so there’s plenty more to give.
I’m actually using the SmartThings integration (because I started with SmartThings and already had the hub and Z-things connected) to do Z-Wave and Zigbee for the time being. I’ll probably eventually switch to a Z-Wave/Zigbee USB controller like the
GoControl CECOMINOD016164 HUSBZB-1 USB Hub. (I’m not in a hurry right now because it’s working quite well.)

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