First time install HAOS on x86-64 Beelink Mini S

Hi everyone,

Finally decided to install HAOS anda followed all the instructions but the boot hangs during startup.
So I see everything saying OK.
Then I go to a screen where the messages:
Waiting for the Home Assistant CLI to be ready
Waiting for Supervisor to startup

Am I doing something wrong? I tried to explore the commands and update everything but without sucess.

Thanks in advance

Hi everyone,

So Waiting for the Home Assistant CLI to be ready and Waiting for Supervisor to startup are still displayed on the Beelink but If I enter by the PC or by the HAOS APP on the mobile I can acess the HA Dashboard.

Is this normal?
Can i continue to install from PC and leave beelink as it is?

Kind regards,

Instead of starting a new topic, I figured I would post on this thread since I’mm having a similar issue. I am using a Beelink NUC as well and I get to the Home Assistant screen that shows the IP addresses, but when I go to the IP address it tells me that there was an error installing Home Assistant. I have the log file, but I don’t see how to attach the log file. I could copy and paste, but I didn’t want to make this a long post.

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Without a log it is hard for us to tell what is going wrong.

Look for the parts in the logs telling something like “Failed to…” or similar and paste it here. Or you can use an external service like pastebin and link it to your reply here.

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