First time Installation questions

Do I just install the Hassio instruction and done with it? I saw some instruction for HA is to install the Rasbian and/or All-In-One-Installer. Do I need to do this basic install first then do the Hassio? I try to install the Hassio and configure with instruction on the GUI but when I goto the SSH putty terminal, I was not able to do sudo nor python commands. Not installed? What shall I do to install the Home Assistant to the PI?

I’ve put the following in a few more words here, but basically is intended to be an appliance like experience, not one that you then poke about with the internals of.

If you want to go poking around the internals, look instead at Hassbian if you have a Pi, or a virtual enviroment install otherwise.

Nice explanation @Tinkerer. Something like that really needs to be the landing page for HA installs. New users don’t really understand what all the install methods are.

One thing I would add is that hassbian is just a rasbian stretch (normal PI operating system) with a script to install the current version of home assistant. If you run into problems you can google for a solution that works in rasbian and it will likely work for hassbian.

In HassIO the ecosystem is rather closed and there isn’t as much general knowledge to search on.

Which it makes it hard to understand why they depreciated the all-in-one installer!

But in any case I agree. The installation options are pretty confusing with so many different ways to install. I originally used the all-in-one installer (had a RPi v1B) but recently got a Pi3 and bit the bullet and installed Hassio.

I understand the original posters confusion. You need to be around the Home Assistant site and this forum for a while before you start to put the pieces together.

Largely because it was solving a problem that’s no longer there I suspect (helped by there being no developer working on it). The AIO installer comes from a time when Z-Wave wasn’t automatically installed when needed, and Mosquitto was required.

And yes, the documentation is going to be updated to be simpler, and clearer. I’m not sure when it’ll happen, but the discussions have started about what it should be.

Thanks for your response. Makes sense.

I use the Hassbian installation instruction but encounter 2 problems. First unable to get the letsencryption keys to issue and second mosquito work SSH between SSH locally but not work when I try to publish and subscribe from Google Lens and Arduino IDE board. Frustrated. I reinstalled several time and still not work. Why they do not put all this installation in one image? I try openhab2 image and all works in one image install but I like HA better. See my other topics regarding this issues help needed.