First time installing, no web UI

I’m new to Home Assistant and trying to get it running. I picked up an 8GB raspberry pi 4, couldn’t get it working and then discovered the 8GB model isn’t supported. I fortunately had an old raspberry pi 3b+ laying around so I downloaded the image for that, wrote it to the SD card using etcher and booted that up. I’m experiencing the same issue with both the rp4 and rp3b+ where I get it installed, it boots up, but I can’t access the web gui or ssh to it. I can log in with root if I hook a monitor and keyboard up to it, but that’s it.

I’m currently setup on the 3b+ since that appears to be fully supported. It’s booted, I can see it on the network in my router and have it’s IP address(, however browsing to is returning “Site can’t be reached”. I can ping it, and I used “login” to access the OS on it and ran “cat /sys/class/net/eth0/address” which gave me the MAC address, and the MAC matches the machine assigned to in the DHCP leases on my router. This is the same behavior I saw on the rp4, so now I’m thinking something else is wrong.

The following image is currently on my 3b+'s SD card: hassos_rpi3-64-4.12.img.gz

The web GUI is supposed to be running on port 8123 on the pi right?

Is there something else I’m missing in the install instructions that would cause this to not work?

As far as I can see you have done everything correctly and is correct on how to connect to Home Assistant.

Only thing I can suggest is to try and reinstall.

It takes a while to download everything the first time, and the instructions tell you to wait for 20mins or so. Did it eventually come up?

No, but I rebooted it, probably while it was downloading.

I missed the 20’ish minutes note. I’ll reimage the SD card and give it another go

Also, I just noticed that my firewall was blocking UDP heading out of my network. I’m not sure what that is, but is it pulling data via UDP port 123 for something?

123, that is for NTP, fetches the current time for the clock to be right. Without it, it will most likely not run on the correct time and encounter invalid SSL certificates

Interesting, apparently UDP 53 and 123 out to the internet are required for the setup to complete, opened the firewall up temporarily for it and it appears to be running now. Is this going to be an ongoing requirement after setup?

ONe of the reasons I’m not using alexa, google, etc… is I don’t want my smart devices connected to the internet and am planning to have this all on it’s own network without internet access. Is that a viable configuration with home assistant?

Even though I have a DNS server on my network, and an NTP server, that all my other clients use, Hassio appears to be hard coded to use internet based DNS and NTP servers. Punched a hold through the firewall for those services and the setup completed.

You can change the DNS once the first setup is done.