First time with HASS and Heiman Smoke Detector and Automations


Im very new to Home Assistant and I purchased a Heiman Smart Smoke Sensor HS1SA-Z. Ive managed to set up a Z Wave network and i’ve got the Heiman Smoke Detector showing up in Home Assistant. I’ve also managed to set up iOS notifications and created an Automated Trigger so that when the Smoke Detector goes off I would like a notification to be sent to my iPhone.

Using the Automated UI approach this is the trigger which is created:

device_id: 00f9f03752554210bf94b9bf0400197d
domain: binary_sensor
entity_id: binary_sensor.heiman_technology_co_ltd_smart_smoke_sensor_hs1sa_z_sensor
hours: 0
minutes: 0
seconds: 0
platform: device
type: turned_on

I can test the trigger and it does indeed send a notification to my iPhone. I also went into Developer Tools to change the state of the Smoke Detector to On (using binary_sensor.heiman_technology_co_ltd_smart_smoke_sensor_hs1sa_z_sensor) and it does send a notification to my iPhone. OK Great!!

When I go and test the Smoke Detector by blowing smoke into it, the alarm goes off for a good few minutes however Home Assistant does not send the notification. I also checked and the state for binary_sensor.heiman_technology_co_ltd_smart_smoke_sensor_hs1sa_z_sensor is not showing as On so its still in an Off state so I assume this is why it’s not sending the notification.

OK so what’s going on here?


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You need to use this one: sensor.heiman_technology_co_ltd_smart_smoke_sensor_hs1sa_z_smoke
and use this in your automation.: triger: state

entity_id: sensor.heiman_technology_co_ltd_smart_smoke_sensor_hs1sa_z_smoke
from: '0'
platform: state
to: '2'`

Brilliant! Thanks! It works!!

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Good morning,

I am new as well in HA and just received my Heiman Smoke sensors.
Using the Automation UI, I setup the IOS notification based on the following coding :

  • id: ‘1615014284888’
    alias: Message Iphone détection fumée au garage
    description: Message Iphone détection fumée au garage
    • type: smoke
      platform: device
      device_id: 489f21579972d9b311f934e6d113cb59
      entity_id: binary_sensor.heiman_smokesensor_ef_3_0_ias_zone
      domain: binary_sensor
      condition: []
    • device_id: e9d9b2a3e88334df193d1b77e8f4a2bc
      domain: mobile_app
      type: notify
      title: Détecteur de fumée garage
      message: Détection de fumée au garage
      mode: single

It works perfectly well if I run the automation or as you did put in debug the Sensor on Status “on”.
But I am facing the same issue if I am blowing smoke into the sensor. The smoke alarm starts but I did not receive any notification on my mobile.

I saw the answer of @wolfpins but I do not know how to how to add the below lines :

from: ‘0’
platform: state
to: ‘2’`

Apologies for the stupid question but your input will be really appreciated.

Enjoy the week-end.

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