Fitbit - more than one tracker?

So does anyone know if the fitbit HA config allows for more than one person / tracker to be added?

Thanks in advance



Have you tried:

sensor fitbit1:
  - platform: fitbit

sensor fitbit2:
  - platform: fitbit
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Not yet but will do, thanks!

so yes I tried this but it seems to just create ONE “fitbit.conf” file which I can use but it just gives me my stats twice and no option to setup a 2nd one.

Anyone with a working dual setup care to share their config files? (minus the secret keys etc)


did you ever got this to work

Also wondering if anyone has been able to get this working. Would like to have mine and my wife’s show up.

It looks to me like the Fitbit component needs to be extended like the Hue component was to support multiple CONF filenames.

  - platform: hue
    filename: phue.conf

light 2:
  - platform: hue
    filename: phue2.conf

Hopefully a DEV can knock this out using the HUE as an example.

Another filename example.


Also interested

bump - me too please

bump again - still interested in getting this setup!

Me too! Might set up an extra ha instance with MQTT to get this working in the meantime.

Please post about how that goes. I was thinking about doing the same thing but it just seemed to be overkill. Would be nice to have though.

Also interested in this…

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Also interested in this :")

I created a feature request: Fitbit Component to support multiple Users


Would really like to be able to do this too!
Want to be able to track both my Wife and I’s stats.
Planning and getting fitbits for my 2 kids too… would like to be able to track their stats too.


Seems a fairly wanted feature given the age of the original “Bug report”


Here also waiting for a update after buying two for two individual people - makes no sense why it hasn’t already been implemented?

Hopefully a dev can get on this and there will be much rejoicing!


fingers crossed that there will be support in the future - this would be awesome