FitBit unable to authorize

Hi all, I am trying to setup the fitbit component and have followed the directions here:

I am getting the error

The app you’re trying to connect did not provide valid information to Fitbit. Please report this issue to them.
Developer information: invalid_request - Invalid redirect_uri parameter value
On the last step.

Currently my HA is behind Nginx which has SSL and forwards the connection from 443 to 8123 on the HA host.

I have updated the fitbit callback URL to but to no avail.

My fitbit.conf settings are correct.

I hit this same issue. I noticed the redirect_uri being emitted from Home Assistant included the port, while the URL provided by the configuration step didn’t.

I updated the application callback URL on the FitBit side of the application setup to include 443 and it work. So i.e.

would you mind posting your (redacted) nginx configuration for this please? I’m also struggling to get this redirect working.

As I do not want to expose my to the real internet, could you tell me how to change the callback url to somewhere else ?
As example I have an internet page and I placed it there (I did similar approach for nibeUplink scripts)

I have also problems with fitbit and configuring in homeassistant…

I receive the following error:

500 Internal Server Error

Server got itself in trouble

I’m getting the same issue after making my selections and hitting the “allow” button on the fitbit site. The home assistant server throws this error when redirected from the authorisation page.

same problem here, seems the component might be broken?


Is it fixed already?

Same issue here. Running 0.88.0.

And it’s still the same for version 0.88.1

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confirmed issue persists on 0.88.1

How can we track when this will be solved?

Look at a few messages above yours. CountParadox already referenced it

Still having the same issue with 0.89.1. It says closed…When will it be available?

Persists with 0.89.2

Also getting same issue at 0.89.2

Sadly still the same with 0.90.1…

I managed to get the fitbit component working with this workaround. Note that the file structure has changed since the original post but the updated details are included at the bottom of the post.

Tnx for the feedback…I am going to look at it tonight!
90.2 has same issue

Did you need to change your callback url? I for the life of me can’t get this component to authenticate me.