Five days forecast not visible with Weather-Card


I’m configuring a card with weather forecast, using the norwegian meteo integrated in HA.
Well, if I use the default weather I see the 5 days forecast correctly (on the right in the screenshot below), if I use Lovelace Weather-Card (on the left) I didn’t see that, even if it is enabled in the card configuration.

Where am I wrong?

Most likely it was not updated to use weather.get_forecasts. You’ll want to open an issue on their github.

I checked and other users have the same issue. I was mad for almost two days, next time I will check on github first. Thank you.

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If you are referring to this card: GitHub - bramkragten/weather-card: Weather Card with animated icons for Home Assistant Lovelace
It actually has support, but the version is in Beta release, so you might need to specifically install that version, it won’t show up in updates (unless you’re a beta tester)