Fix IP address for 'Nginx Proxy Manager' add-on container


I have set up Let’s Encrypt certificates with the ‘Nginx Proxy Manager’ add on.
Home assistant is configured to trust the container’s IP.

I don’t know what changed, but my ‘Nginx Proxy Manager’ docker container got a new IP (it wasn’t just restarting it, maybe installing a new add on?), hence the browser can’t connect to the host anymore. Fixing to the right IP in configuration.yaml, it works again.

I tried to use the docker containers name as hostname instead of the IP, but this obviously doesn’t work, as there is an error message about wrong IP address in the log.

This made me want to give the ‘Nginx Proxy Manager’ container a fix IP. Can this be done in a way compatible with home assistant?

I figured out the docker command how to assign an IP to a container at running docker run ..., but have no idea where to place this in the home assistant config.

Any idea?