Fix or start again? My HA log is full of errors, and it’s all being a bit wonky

Hi all,

Started with Home Assistant a few months ago (RPi 4, supervised), with the inevitable lots of fiddling about; latterly migrating to an SSD (imaged the SSD, restored a snapshot)

It all mostly works, but the log is absolutely littered with error messages I mostly don’t understand (see screenshot below), with internet searches not shedding much light either.

Some are integrations (mostly not responding in time), which I’m happy to reinstall etc, but many are now appear to be about HA itself.

My thinking is either:

  1. There’s some issue with my UniFi network (the DHCP is slow for some STP-related reason UniFi seem to think is normal - could be something else going awry too)
  2. The move to SSD has caused something funky with permissions or other corruption (more errors since the move)
  3. The move from 32- to 64-bit did something similar (as above)
  4. I’ve disturbed ancient burial grounds
  5. All of the above

Where do you think I should I spend any spare time I might be able to find? I’m torn between trying to understand what’s gone wrong, and starting again (perhaps reverting to SD for this install, and rebuilding on the SSD to avoid downtime).

Happy to share all the error details, but there are a lot.