Fix page overflow without reducing widget font size

I just set up a weather dashboard on my new Fire 8 tablet and noticed the widgets in the bottom right corner go past the display boundary. When designing the dashboard I checked the layout in the browser’s device responsive mode using the same display resolution as the tablet (1280x800). However when displaying the dashboard on tablet using fully kiosk browser, the content doesn’t fit on the viewport. My guess is the reason for this behavior are different pixel densities between devices.

The only solution I found is to reduce font size on mini-graph cards, but since the tablet is going to be used as a dashboard device, I would like the text to be easily readable.

I am using two grid cards to create this layout.

Is there another possible way to fix overflow while keeping the same dashboard layout?

Thank you!

use the 2 grid cards in a grid card

I probably have to set panel mode in case I warp everything inside one grid card?