Fix the expanded sensor graphs problem

Click on a sensor for a graph view (all good):

After clicking on the title to expand the view the bottom of the graph is cut off. This seems to be because the size of the sensor text under the graph is not taken into account:

This problem only occurs when expanding individual sensor graphs, not for the history graph component as there is no text under these.

It also occurs in all web browsers I’ve tested. Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

I see the same thing.


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Same here, I’ve seen this happening for months, but have to be honest.never looked into details and attempted to raise a bug. Maybe now’s the time?


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A user on github insists that clearing your browser cache (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL) and restarting the browser should fix the problem. It has not made any difference for me. Can anyone else confirm this?

confirmed as not a solution for me too…
Also occurs on iOS platform FYI, using Chrome both on iOS and Windows 10. (Not yet tried other browsers)

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Fwiw, this is showing in my setup:


last 24 hours, only wish it would be scrollable…again.
But, I try to avoid clicking history (anywhere) since it kills my system. like now…