[Fixed] 0.95 Update ZHA Breaking Change

Hello, I hope someone here can help.

After updating to 0.95, my Xiaomi door / window sensors (first gen, MCCGQ01LM, connected to HUSBZB-1) have become unusable. This is because the binary sensors associated with them are no longer created / present.

As I understand it from the Github PR comments, events should be used to track state changes instead. However, there are no events supported by the devices that I use, according to the documentation.

Can anybody point me in the right direction on how to determine / keep track of the state of the devices?


PS: I personally think that binary sensors for door / window sensors should not have been removed. They are neither a button, a remote nor a controller which were specifically targeted by the change, and control no other devices and actually have states (on/ open, off/closed).