[Fixed] Hue Bulbs : Firmware "Image padding contains invalid bytes"

My Phillips Hue (white and color ambiance E27) are currently running firmware version: 1.93.11

Home Assistant / Z2M say there is a newer version but attempting to install it gives the error:
Update of <HUE_BULB> failed (Image padding contains invalid bytes)

Is the firmware just bad, or am I going to have to do something else to wipe / update the firmware?

i have the same. only the color bulb is updating. all other spots, white bulbs ledstrips not

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Same here for:
v1.93.11 - Hue white E27 929001821618
v1.93.11 - Hue white E14 9290020399

Was working updating to:
1.101.2 - Lamp 4034031p7
1.101.2 - Lamb 3261331p7

It seams Philips released 3 versions: Lamps | Philips Hue US
Maybe the one for the white bulbs is 1.101.5 or 1.101.7 and failing/corrupt image??

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Same issue here.

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My white light bulbs are doing the samething.

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Same error here - will be following.

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Same here.

Colored Floodlight and RGBW Bulb (new, bright version) are not working. Old bulbs and other lights from Philips are working.

Actually, those on 1.93.11 fail to update.

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Hi, I have the same issue. All lights with 1.93.11 fail to update… :frowning:

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Issue logged and tracked here: Image padding contains invalid bytes · Issue #218 · Koenkk/zigbee-OTA · GitHub


Turns out this was indeed a bug and the creator of Z2M has temporarily reverted it while they look into the issue.

Thanks for all the information people :slight_smile:

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Idem for Hue Go

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For anyone seeing these messages again, a patch has been made to Z2M that supposedly fixes this (I am unable to verify atm).

You can get it by updating the latest dev version or waiting for the 1 January 2023 patch.


Glad its not just me :slight_smile: Look forward to patch, and a happy new your to you all.

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Just patched mine it appears to be working again where it didn’t 10 mins ago :+1:

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Mine now updates after the 1 Jan 2023 Z2M patch too :slight_smile:

Should this have been automatic? is there a way to force update Z2M? I still have not been able to OTA my hue bulbs

Click into “Settings” of your home assistant dashboard… you should be able to update Z2M there… and the bulbs from there too, if they show as needing updated:


If anything needs an update… you should see them listed at the top of the settings page.

Thanks, Z2M is up to date and the bulbs kept popping up for updates, I skipped the updates and will give it a few days to see if they pop up again, they just hung for hours when I tried to update them

Mine refused to update from the OTA button inside of Z2M.

The update button (at the top) in the “Settings” page worked, one bulb at a time. They will take a LONG time to update… I think it was around 40 minutes for each one.

I believe the latest version of Z2M (1.2.9) should resolve the issue. I run this in Docker so needed to re-pull the image and re-create the container.

See - Releases · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub

#5219 Fix OTA updates with new Hue OTA images (@pedrolamas)