FIXED - iPhone app error NSURLErrorDomain -1009 - FIXED

I’m a complete noob. I’ve just set up home assistant for the first time and not done anything in it yet. I’ve just downloaded the app on my iPhone 15 and I get this error NSURLErrorDomain -1009, any ideas on what this is and how to rectify? Home assistant is Ethernet annd on a Dell 3050m and obviously my phone is on my wifi.

Please help a complete noob.


How did you fix this? I am expereincing the same problem, I’m also a complete noob.

Sorry i’ve only just seen this reply.

Did you get yours working?

I’m not sure to be honest haha, i basically just uninstalled it and then downloaded it again a few times, i think i also did a hard boot of my iphone in between and it seem good now. I also watched a video about open vpn so i can now connect to HA when im not in the house which is cool