Fixed: Node-red + Notifications = error

Trying to send notifications via pushbullet to my phone. 2 things. I dont know how to install push bullet. I however have “Notify” setup in HA. This works prefect in HA but not node-red.

Error message

5/29/2019, 8:37:07 AMnode: 65e4e73c.a856c8msg : string[82]

“Call-service API error. Error Message: required key not provided @ data[‘message’]”

EDIT: FIXED: i installed pushbullet

You can use HA notify. You have to supply the call-service node with a message property in the data field.

Data Field: {"message": "test message"}

Thank you Kermit!


I have some notifications working in Node Red using the call-service.
Now I am trying to add one that send data from a NWS (National Weather Service) alert sensor.

The sensor attributes look like this (currently zero alerts):

title: null
display_desc: null
spoken_desc: null
friendly_name: NWS Alerts
icon: mdi:alert

I was thinking the data for the node would be something like:


but that isn’t working - and I haven’t found anything on the forum yet for sending a call service to HA with a sensor reference like this.

Okay, after more reading, and finding a page on states/attributes, I think I have it working.

    "title": "{{states.sensor.nws_alerts.attributes.title}}",
    "message": "{{states.sensor.nws_alerts.attributes.display_desc}}"

This appears to be working - but any feedback (better way, or cleaner… aka I don’t need one of the above pieces) is always welcome!


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