Fixing Iris 3210-L Plug Miscategorization

There are a few hints of this in some other threads, but never any actual resolution. When paired through the ZHA automation, Iris SmartPlugs model 3210-L (second gen square ones, combination zigbee plug and z-wave repeater) are sometimes recognized as outlets and sometimes recognized as lights. It’s not random - some units are recognized and lights and others as plugs.

Based on past history with these devices, I’d guess it’s probably a matter of which firmware is on the plugs and either the older or newer firmware is being mis-recognized. All of my plugs are discovered as lights, but I know previous posters have had a mixed bag.

Is there any way I can a) change the device to be a switch manually (will renaming the entity from light.___ to switch.___ work or will it break things), and/or b) provide some diagnostics/logs to anyone to help ZHA discover these properly in the future?


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I had an issue early last year where I had to do an override in the configuration.yaml
It went like this

            type: 'light'

not sure if it would work here but worth a try?
drop in exact IEEE address of plug, edit type to ‘switch’

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Thanks for the suggestion. Might be a day or two before I can try it, but I’ll circle back and update the thread.

Just a follow up for anyone finding this down the road that this did indeed work. Just remember to add the -1 to the end of the IEEE address.


Old thread but I have the same issue, half my switches show up as lights so THANK YOU for the tip here, much appreciated!

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