Fixing "No logbook entries found. "?

Is there a way to fix " No logbook entries found. " for old entries? It seems there’s something a little off with my data. For new entries, I get history data. But for all my older entities, they’re all showing "No logbook entries found. " :confused:

For the record, I’m running a MariaDB data store. It’s fine - as I said earlier: new entities are properly slowing a history. It’s only my older entities (for some reason).

Have you excluded them from the recorder?

If not, and you are not too attached to the data you could delete the addon and reinstall it (deleting the database).

Or there are database repair threads on the forum if you want to keep your data.

They are not excluded. I thought that, too, but similar entities work/don’t work.

I’ll have look for them.