Fixing the biggest annoyance with the Hue Dimmer Switch

I did a write up on the only annoyance I’ve ever had with the Hue Dimmer Switch. Let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas!

That is a nice fix actually. It might work better with the american-style switched. The ones here in Denmark (and most of europe i think) is in a more square style.

Side question, have you integrated the dimmer switch into HA? Looking at getting one myself, but it have to go into the rest of the system.

It simply controls the lights as setup in the Hue app- HA picks up any changes made to the Hue System outside of it and display them appropriately - IE if the lights are turned on via the Dimmer controller, HA will pick up the state and display them as On in the UI. I’m not doing anything else with them in terms of controlling other controls- that would be interesting though, I was looking at the Minimote to control a z-wave dimmer, it would be nice to get another one of this Hue remotes for that.