Flair Smart Air Vents

Sounds like Flair will work with anyone for developing Home Assistant support for their smart vents, and then feature it on their website:

Their website: https://flair.co/

I’d like this integration also

This container lets me interface with the vents via mqtt.


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Cool thanks for sharing, I’ll need to learn docker it seems… Hopefully this won’t be hard. If you have any tips on how to get started with docker please share.

I’m able to see my “VENT” and my “PUCK” and expose these to my MQTT broker. However Ideally I’d like to be able to control my “ROOM” status like when using the Flair App.

@mattlebaugh, I would like to know if your docker solution could expose “ROOMS” as documented in Flair’s API’s here: https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/5353571/Rzfnj6YR#0203a5fc-7235-4c55-a20a-18f9652a9305

I managed to get your docker container running within my Home Assistant’s built-in Docker using the Portainer Hassio Add-on with @Zpeed’s help (If anyone wants tips on how i did this let me know…)

Any updates on this? I’m considering purchasing Flair vents. Could anyone who has some code share that code I would be happy to contribute if I end up buying Flair vents.

Also interested in any updates here. I’ve been using Flair vents for about 2 years and would love to integrate into HA.

This is the only solution I know but it works great for me: Docker

There’s now a custom integration for Home Assistant: GitHub - RobertD502/home-assistant-flair: Custom component for Home Assistant Core for controlling Flair vents/rooms and monitoring pucks/vents/rooms.

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