Flash ESPHome to Athom switch?

I bought an Athom switch that came with ESPHome already installed. It powered up in AP mode and I provided my WiFi credentials, and minutes later Home Assistant discovered the switch.

I downloaded the YAML file from the manufacturer and compiled it into a bin file. Now, how do I flash this to the ESP inside the Athom switch? Do I need to take it apart to attach a UART or is there a way to upload OTA that escapes me right now?

You should be able to enter the IP address in a browser and here you will find an option to do an OTA update with your binary.

If Athom provisioned the web server that is…


Which it appears they did! athom-configs/athom-sw01.yaml at 6502aa9b33ce4a841e20dd55c80cf813fa71f404 · athom-tech/athom-configs · GitHub

Also the yaml says it is ota provisioned without a password.

I even looked at the device web page, turned the light on and off from it, but never looked toward the bottom.

So, is this what

  port: 80

provides? Cool!

As I say, it is ota updateable in any event.

Thanks for the info!

I have done a few of these now and the problem I came across was file size. Even uploading the compiled YAML from Athom was too large.

You may find that you need to make a ‘minimal’ version to OTA first, as I did, and then OTA your required bin file.

I ended up flashing the ESPHome devices to Tasmota, as it provided more in-built options for naming and things like that. ie, i did not have to compile my own binary to flash. I just take the standard binary from tasmota, upload it and all the config is saved on the device itself.