Flash SD for

Following the very straight forward guide for RPi B+ 64 at https://www.home-assistant.io/hassio/installation.

  1. on Windws 10 I run DISKPART to CLEAN the SD-card
  2. downloaded correct image for my RPi B3+
  3. used the latest balena Etcher (makes two partitions
  4. flashed correctly my SanDisk Ultra class 10 32GB from PC/MAC. Result is 1 active primary partition with FAT-fs, readable. 29 GB not allocated.
  5. moved SD to RPi. Red LED (power) lights up, green LED flash for a very short time and gets dark. Nothing else happens. Screen is dark.

I downloaded older NOOB for RPi and balenaEtched it - no problem.


  • Is there some problem with the current image for RPi B3+?
  • I dont need the optional ststic IP adresses even though I have tested it.
  • Am I missing something?

Have you tried accessing HA from another device on your network? Any browser should do it at http://homeassistant.local:8123/. It isn’t clear which image you are using, but you wouldn’t normally expect to see anything on the RPi screen.

Thank you @Stiltjack

The unit does not get an IP. By watching the green LED (access to SD) it is only accessing SD a fraction of a second, then it never lights up any more.

In my opinion, it does not boot.


I installed the 32-bit version on a 3B+ yesterday, and that one works. No point in running 64-bit on that system. The 32-bit supports gpio aswell.

The big second partition is not unallocated, just unreadable by Windows.

Have to agree there. I use a pi4 2gb and run 32 bit. The only reason one would want to run a 64bit system is to access over 3.5gb of RAM.
So use the 32 bit image and make some use of those GPIO pins. Also as @Stiltjack stated you need to access over the network. IMHO both @Stiltjack and @Salmoneus are moving you in the right direction.


Among the many couple of Pi’s on my desktop, I noticed that I tried boot one of the spare “Rpi Model B+ V1.2”, not the correct “Rpi 3 B+” :sweat:

Once the correct Pi was selected, the boot finally was done. So, learn from my mistake, read the board’s silk mask when choosing RPi model.

Thank you for the ability to talk to the community and all the comments that I had.