Flash Sonoff Basic issues

Hi guys,

I would like to flash my Sonoff Basic with Esphome flasher. But I can not connect to my module:

I bought 2 USB to TTL keys and I also tested with my Macbook pro … don’t you think it’s the Sonoff that prevents the connection? I bought it recently on Aliexpress.

Many thanks

Double check the connection, and make sure you ground GPIO0 before connection to USB.

Hi, I checked at least 20 times, all connections are good

Sonoff basics are sometimes a pain to flash. The method I use is that I connect my FTDI first to the Sonoff, then I hold the button on the Sonoff down for a couple of seconds and KEEP HOLDING IT while attaching the USB side of the FTDI to my computer. This almost always works for me when doing it this way.

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Do you have TX from the FTDI going to RX on the Sonoff and RX FTDI going to TX on the Sonoff?

When you plug in the USB, is the FTDI showing activity?

When you plug in the USB with the Sonoff connected to the FTDI does the sonoff start up?

@code-in-progress I will try your method! but I have note the FTDI? I have 2 USB to TTL converters
@silvrr yes for all:

Yeah, those are basically FTDI adapters. The terms are [mostly] interchangeable. :smiley:

It work like a charm! You are my genius today hahaha

Thank you and have a nice day :wink:

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Glad to help! Have a good one as well! :smiley:

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