Flash Sonoff T0 US V1.0 with ESPhome

Hi, just a quick post to help anyone else who may have been experiencing the same frustrations as me with flashing the Sonoff T0 US V1.0 with esphome, and lack of information out there for this model.

1 - Disconnect the front board (with the switch on it) from the back part. Use a screwdriver to pry it off gently. If you don’t separate the board then it won’t flash nicely (at least mine didn’t)

2 - Follow the instructions to touch a wire from GPIO0 to R19… Sonoff T1 - Tasmota

3 - Do the normal flashing procedure and use the T1 yaml found here: Sonoff T1/T2/T3 Touch Wall Switch (R1) | devices.esphome.io

Good luck.

See solution above.