Flashable hardware alternative to Sonoff

Hey folks,

I’m sure a few months ago I found a vendor / manufacturer who offered hardware like WiFi switches (maybe also cameras) and so on (I’m not sure if they not even specified they’re using ESP8266s?) with focus on do-it-yourselfers. They advertised with their devices are easily flashable with custom firmware and so on. The devices were, at least optical, ready-to-use, so with a matching case and so on.

After about 1,5 hours of unsuccessful googling I ask you, dear community - does anyone knows such a provider? I thought of Wyze, but they don’t really advertise with DIY, flashing the devices with cusom firmware, …

Are you thinking of Athom? They sell pre-flashed devices with Tasmota and other firmware.

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Interesting, but that’s not the website I have in mind. It had a dark theme. Despite that I’m thankful for this information, I‘m just checking that deeper.

Other ideas?


It was definitely not Shelly because I know Shelly.

Did you find the device again?

Unfortunately not, I’m still in kind of investigation…