Flashing a Sonoff SN31

I’m struggling to get any ‘rx’ on this attempt at flashing an Sonoff SN31

Question 1) Does my wiring look good?
Question 2) Does it matter if I use ESPWeb, Tasmoto Web / CLI etc? (I’ve tried all and they all fail)

I’ve tried 2 different boards and same response. I see the TX light - light up but never the RX

I’ve held the button down while plugging in, tried w/out and also held it while attempt to connect.

I assume you’ve tried swapping the RX and TX pins?

Pretty sure that one will light up even if you didn’t connect it to anything; it’s your computer trying to talk to it.

I take it that you already had this setup working and flashing other modules?

Reason I ask is that I had a very similar problem and it was down to the serial driver on the PC. Switch to my MAC and worked fine.

I have no had this setup work at all → which is why I think something is probably off but not sure how to track it down. I’m on my Mac - running a parallels Ubuntu …

I get a lot of activity on the TX light - nothing ever on the RX light. I may pull another 8266 or esp32 from the house and see if I can flash one of those - but I’m not sure if the usb ones can work with a serial adapter.

For some reason on my linux box the device doesn’t seem to get recognized when I plug in the USB

So if I switch the TX/RX pins I get a lot of noise on minicom like this:

and the RXD light goes flashy-flashy

So my assumption is the FT232 device is working correctly - because when cross wired it shows it can receive data and when correctly wired the lights seem to show it can send data… but other than that I’m at a loss.

I believe the Sonoff is correctly in flash-mode because if I dont hold the button long enough when I plug it in - the little blue pairing light starts flashing (I’ve never set these up before)…

Just very confused … maybe I’ll try to solder some wires