Flashing esphome to esp8255 20A wall switch

Hi, I would like to get a 20A wall switch which is using esp8255 chip. This wall switch is from some chinese company and it uses Smartlife/Tuya app.

I’m thinking to flash it with esphome for local integration to HA and i have fews questions, hope someone can help me out,

  1. Can I use a different esphome instance that i installed at different RPi to flash it and then integrate it to my another RPi that is actually running my home automation? Reason is to prevent I accidentally messed up my running/working HA.
  2. How do I know which GPIO is being used by the switch? This is non Sonoff brand, so not sure if I can follow the same GIPO configuration as Sonoff.
  3. Will there any chance I will brick the board if I configured wrong GPIO/flashing error?

This is how the board looks like,

You can do this without any issues. The integration is added using the host ip address and it has no link with the parent system used for flashing. But for you edit the config in this system, you would need to copy the config file to esphome folder of the new system.

You can either do trail and error method or trace the leads from the relay signal pin. You should end this trace in a gpio pin and from the schematics of the chip you should be able to find the relay gpio.

well the chances are less as all these pins are equipped to handle 3.3v so in theory even if you mess up it should not fry the chip. And you will be able to reflash it but then againeven when the chances are low they do get messed up.

What is the device? Its pinouts may be here https://templates.blakadder.com/

EDIT: or https://www.esphome-devices.com/