Flashing Sonoff Mini R4 extreme

Hi, I’m trying to FLASH ESPhome to the Sonoff Mini R4 Extreme module (Sonoff Mini R4 Extreme | devices.esphome.io), but without luck. I’m not sure, but it seems that once the device boots the original FW, it does not respond to FLASH loader anymore. I assume I need to reset the device, while it is powered from the converter. I tried to hot plug the device to the converter, but it cause that the USB converter gets reseted as well and disconnecting from the PC. I watched several videos, but nobody mentions any special procedure to FLASH custom firmware.

Whats ‘I tried to hot plug the device’?
‘In order to enter programming mode need to hold button pressed while enabling power supply’ is on the page you linked… Are you holding it’s button as you plug it in?

That was it! Thanks. How could I not see it?