Flashing SONOFF Zigbee Dongle Plus as router

Hey Group. I am really struggling to flash a couple of SONOFF Dongle Plus (E) with Zigbee router firmware.

I have the same dongle as my Z2M coordinator but wanted to add a couple of routers to improve the mesh.

I distinctly recall using SecureCRT from VanDyke for the coordinator several months ago. I’ve tried using it again for 2 new dongles and I just cannot get it to transfer. It connects in bootloader mode, but when I select file transfer and the correct firmware file it just sits there doing nothing. No sign of any rate of data transer at all.

I’ve tried numerous different USB ports (my PC has 6) as well as several USB extension leads, plugging them in directly etc.

I’ve also tried using TI’s Flash Programmer and ExtraPutty as well as the Python Script method all to no avail.

I’ve followed no end of guides in all the usual places.

I just cannot get the firmware to transfer.

Does anyone have a magic method of flashing the SONOFF dongle as I’ve been at this all day and am tearing my hair out.

Or…should I just ditch the dongles and get different ones…suggestions welcome :grin:


Okay, how silly do I feel right now.

After a bit more research, it appears I have bought 2 x Dongle Es that I have been trying to flash Dongle P firmware onto :man_facepalming:. The E has a different chipset, which is probably why I’ve been struggling with getting the right drivers. It seems Windows really did know better. Let’s see what happens tomorrow when I get a chance to try again.

Hi, I just wrote an article to explain how to convert a Sonoff Zigbee Dongle E to a Router on linux. Maybe that could be useful.