Flashing Tuya Ceiling light

Hello I have two ceiling lights (220V, 48W, dimmable CWW) but they are over Tuya so not reliable amongst other things and I was wondering if it would be possible to flash it and connect it to ESPHome, I took ot apart and found the wireless chip it has this information written on it

Model: CBU
P/N: PC9.01.0264
S/N: 13302112288aae|z

That whole wireless daughter board had code TCBU1-ZR

That’s all the info I found that I thought could be useful, if you need more info I’ll get that info asap

Looks like CBU is BK7231N.

Which appears to be supported.

  • BK72xx: BK7231T, BK7231N

Next I would be looking into whether cloudcutter is an option and what configs for the device or similar ones are around.