Flat Intercom System HA Integration

I live in a block of flats with an Intercom door system pre-installed. I currently have the following Intercom system installed with a “Cronus Monitor” in the flat and would like for this to be integrated with HA somehow so that I can view the camera/press the open door button, etc.

This looks to be the model I have installed - V-tek 2 easy DMR18S Manuals | ManualsLib

Does anyone know of any panels that I could use to achieve this or any way of interacting with the in-flat panel I currently have? Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

You would prob need to tie into the section between your unit and the main intercom breakout relay if you are able to integrate it.

Would be interested in following this if you manage to get it working in the event we get similar intercoms installed in the housing block I am in.