Flic button events having long queue times ... but not ... but are

Hi all,
I’m having trouble with some flic buttons that were working 2 days ago. I’m running Hassio 0.85 on a PI3. I’ve installed the flic server from pschmitt’s repo and I have the bluetooth addon from the community add-on store. I have 4 flic buttons around house running automations using the flic_click events. They’ve been working for a few months with no problems. Here’s one of a few automations I’ve got them running.

- alias: "Cooking time"
    platform: event
    event_type: flic_click
      button_name: flic_80e4da74491d  

      click_type: double
    - service: hue.hue_activate_scene
        group_name: "Living Room"
        scene_name: "Mountain Breeze"
    - service: hue.hue_activate_scene
        group_name: "Kitchen"
        scene_name: "Bright"
    - service: hue.hue_activate_scene
        group_name: "Entryway"
        scene_name: "Bright"

Now I’m having some weird issues. The buttons stopped responding … kinda. I’ve made an entity-card in lovelace for them, when I click the button, the sensor goes from off to on while I’m holding the button, no noticeable delay. But the automation doesn’t trigger. I looked through the logs and found dozens of instances of:

Queued ClickType.ButtonDown dropped for 80:e4:da:74:54:85. Time in queue was 1000 seconds
with times ranging from 10 seconds to 1500 seconds.

So, it sees the button is held (from the ui) but the trigger event seems to be stuck somewhere.

I’ve tried a few things so far:

  • Restart HASS
  • Restart PI
  • Restart flic and bluetooth addons
  • Uninstall flic addon, reboot PI, install flic addon, re-add buttons
  • Removed some stuff from the recorder (there were a lot of “database locked” warnings in the log, I thought maybe that was interfering, and there was a lot of junk being saved) removed the database file, and restarted.

I’ve checked the top on the pi, its only running at 10-15% usage, so its not a processing thing. Power is fine. SD card isn’t showing signs of dying. Memory card is 90% empty.

If the queue was only a few seconds long I wouldn’t mind lengthening the timeout, but 15 minutes is a long time to wait for a button event. I’d prefer not to fall back on making automations out of the on-off of the switch state directly (what I’m seeing in lovelace) because I use the single, double, and hold clicks for different automations with the same buttons. Recreating that with just the state would be hard.

I’m not sure how to debug further. Anyone have any ideas?