Flic different outputs not working

Hey All,

I’m searching now for a while but cant find the answer.
I bought flic buttons and installed the addon for hassio, my buttons are working. (On/Off button)

Now i want to use the 3 outputs types of the buttons: single, double and hold clicks. In Node-Red i added a debug log to check the flic output but thats only saying ON and OFF.

I only can find something to disable the other click options in the configuration file of flic. Can someone help me out?

Thanks a lot!

Regards Dave.

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EDIT: Installed the flic addon in node red. It was that easy…

in case you didn’t want to install another plugin, you can still use the normal HA node-red nodes. the flow i created was: “events all node” --> “switch node” (determines which kind of click) --> action.

here are screenshots from the nodes

events all


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Hi! It’s been a while since you posted it but I wanted to use your solution. I can not figure out how you make a difference between the flics. I got it working for all of my flics. Where do you specify the flic you want to use?


Solved :wink: I hope someone can use this information.

yup that is how i did it. i use aqara buttons now but the concept is the same, just use a switch node to select which button and then another switch node based on the type of button push.