Flic Homekit Support

So I just got some flic buttons and the flic hub. I noticed that when I start up the hub it can be seen on Homeassistant via the apple homekit integration. However flic does not have any homekit codes anywhere on it.

I posted about this here Flic HomeKit pairing code | Flic Community
but it seems that implemented the apple support using some method that does not require the codes.

Does anyone know a workaround, feels like I just blew through 200$ :frowning:

This setup using webhooks has worked pretty well for me. A little complicated, but not too hard to set up.

Rather than making the objects via config, you can make them all using helpers and a single automation to reset anything beginning with flic* (or whatever you name the helpers)

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ended up writing my own mqtt integration instead which works way better than this :slight_smile: GitHub - asosnovsky/flic2hass: A Flic SDK utility to publish all Flic buttons to Home Assistant via MQTT