Flic hub intergration

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Recent, Shortcutlabs has released a new product, the Flic Hub (Link).
With this device, your phone hasn’t be always home for the flic buttons to interact.

It would be nice, if you can intergrate the buttons inside home assistnt. Like the Flic Smart Button (link) if you have installed the library on a PI.

The configuration would be something like this:

# Example configuration.yaml entry

after this, every button connected to the hub, would be a binary sensor like the smart button component and it would interact as a event trigger.

I have made a request on their ideas form: (link)

Thank you

Please please please :slight_smile:

Would be awesome! :slight_smile:

While waiting for this, you could use the HTTP Binary Sensor in HA, and use the Advanced > HTTP Request option in Flic to send HTTP requests to HA for each button press, which will then appear as binary sensor events in HA.

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This would indeed be great! So far it is working pretty well with HTTP request and HA’s RESTful API but native integration would be awsome!

The HTTP Request method is a bit over my head and seems like you have to pass your password. Hub integration would be fantastic!

+1 on that

Perhaps a HTTP Request to mqtt bridge? you could specify the hub ip as the only source it accepts connections from for some security.

Being new to this, could somebody please give me an idea about how to do the RESTful interface?

I understand the hub has to send a URL to HA, but I’m not sure how HA would accept it so actions can be initiated…


Once you have enabled the api, the URL can change the state of the home-assistant entity specified in the body of the post.

This is how I toggle an input boolean for each flic button action:

First enable the home-assistant api, and specify your password in configuration.yaml (you’re going to have to expose it in the flic app):

  api_password: yourapipassword

Create an input boolean for each button action - in configuration.yaml:

#flic button 2 (black)
    name: black_flic2_singleclick
    icon: mdi:checkbox-blank-circle
    name: black_flic2_doubleclick
    icon: mdi:checkbox-multiple-blank-circle
    name: black_flic2_hold
    icon: mdi:clock 

In the flic app, specify the URL details for each action (it’s a bit labourious - fortunately you can clone the config if you have multiple buttons). For example, for a single click:





Content Type:


Body: (I had to stop my iphone from inserting “smart quotes”)


HTTP headers




then press INSERT

I use a event, works nice.

  - alias: Single click
      platform: event
      event_type: flic_click
        button_name: flic
        click_type: single
     - service: switch.turn_off        
       entity_id: switch.light

Inside the fllic app:

  • post request to host/api/events/flic_click
  • with in the body and Content Type Json: { “button_name”: “flic”, “click_type”: “single” } this is the event data .
  • and ofcourse, for now, with the your password in the header, hopfully, the long life bearer tokens come quick

Thank you arch and janvanhelvoort!

Anyone got a working setup with a Long-Lived Access Token configured?

I’m a bit out of my comfort zone here but I suspect that I need to change ‘x-ha-access’ to something else and use my token that I’ve configured in HA.

I am using hassio and find the Flicd addon works great, I have a combination of Flics using both the Flic Hub and FlicD (for direct HA access).

Does that work even though there is an api password?

Can you use the buttons on the hub without internet access?

Yes, take a look here.
You need to replace ‘x-ha-access’ with ‘Authorization’ and the Value String then need to be ‘Bearer YourToken’.

Any news on Flic Hub intetration? Would love to see this…Currently using a Pi with hassio as my “flic-hub” (feeds mqtt into my main HA-setup on my Synology). Feels slightly buggy sometimes…

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Would like to see this to :slight_smile: Also with the addition of the IR = Awesome beans

  1. add to automations.yaml

    - alias: "Flic1 hold"
         platform: event
         event_type: flic
           button_name: flic1
           click_type: hold
       - service: script.turn_on
         entity_id: script.test_script4  # change this name to your's script name
  2. generate token here: http://hassio.local:8123/profile

  3. (optional) test if it works on curl

curl -k -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer GENERATED_TOKEN" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{ "button_name": "flic1", "click_type": "hold" }' http://hassio.local:8123/api/events/flic

  1. add “internet request” to button via flic app
    use these settings:

     Content-Type: application/json
     name: Authorization 
     body of header: Bearer GENERATED_TOKEN
     body:  { "button_name": "flic1", "click_type": "hold" }

replace localhost with homeassistant IP