Flic with HA Blue

So I have the new HA Blue running smoothly. Got a USB bluetooth receiver and plugged it in. It is recognized by the flic add-on, but never gets to “accepted new client.” Nothing else has changed from my previous setup on the pi. Any ideas?

Available HCI devices found: hci0 Trying hci0 hci0 is busy, shutting down and retrying... Successfully bound HCI socket Flic server is now up and running! Initialization of Bluetooth controller done!

Did you enable discovery and “add a new button by pressing it for at least 7 seconds”, as per the documentation?

Yes. The button was already configured on my pi but I tried to reset it and three new buttons by pressing for 7-10 seconds without success.

Try connecting the usb Bluetooth device via a usb extension cable of maybe 2m length. I know this sounds goofy but it has worked for my other usb devices on Blue that will not work plugged in directly